The concept of ‘UNICO’ originates in Bologna – an Italian city famous for hosting the oldest university in Europe (dating from 1088 AD), for its distinctive Medieval structures built with red bricks, and for its lavish and rich cuisine.

Because of this undying passion for food, and for ice cream in particular, there comes a desire to share all this in London, starting from Bromley.

Our rule of thumb derives from our traditions, which consist in not only using the finest ingredients that have no preservatives or artificial flavourings, but also in consistently preparing fresh products throughout the day. This way you can be sure to always find the freshest and creamiest gelato around!


Within our shop you can experience the true aroma of coffee.
Our coffee has been carefully selected by a small coffee shop in Bologna, which works with extreme care and diligence to provide the best products.
Our coffee comes from all around the world, including South America, India, Africa, and Asia, and it is 100% Coffea Arabica – known to be one of the finest species of coffee.
We offer 3 types of coffee that are distinct in terms of fragrance and intensity: 2 types are a blend of various ingredients, carefully selected and prepared especially for us; the third is a ‘pure’ type because it is made from a plant extract that hasn’t been mixed with other species.
The staff will suggest which coffee types are particularly pure in that moment in time, so that you are guaranteed to always find that the freshest and most high quality products.
In our store you can taste the best Italian espresso around, along with all our other authentic products that constitute the authentic caffetteria Italiana.
We also offer a range of coffee specials made out of coffee and ice cream, which has been carefully developed by our staff to complete our menu.